Terms of Business

Thank you for visiting our Terms and Conditions for the Online Fringe Festival Website. Below is a set of terms agreed upon with all of our Artists participating in the festival, as well as some basic guidelines for browsing our website.

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All the content which you encounter on the website, including but not limited to our Logo, Name, Images, Content, etc is Copyrighted and is not eligible for free or commercial use on any other platforms apart from our own website unless otherwise agreed. Should you wish to use any of our content, which includes copying or recreating any such content, you must first get in touch for prior agreement on info@onlinefringefestival.com Otherwise such usage of our content is strictly prohibited.

All remaining content, including but not limited to Artist’s content such as Show posters, Theatre Company logos and the videos of the shows is Copyrighted by the individual Artists. We do not own any of this content and we are therefore unable to provide rights for usage. You must get in touch with each artist individually in order to be able to obtain the rights to use their content. Recreating or copying such content is strictly prohibited without prior approval.

Illicit Downloading or Uploading of our content or Artists’ content is strictly prohibited by Copyright law without prior written or otherwise approved.

Streaming Platform for the OFF Website – YouTube

The streaming platform used for the purposes of streaming the Artist’s show on the OFF Website will be YouTube. Please be sure to check-out YouTube’s own guidelines, Terms of Service as well as Privacy Policy in regards how they treat user data.

Funds Raising and Redistribution System

The OFF website, currently at the time of writing these Terms and Conditions, does not offer paid services to the public. Instead, the OFF website operates a funding initiative, where funds are voluntarily submitted by OFF website visitors in exchange for the free service the OFF website provides, and are thereby gathered by the OFF Website and the team behind it and shared between the OFF Website and the Artists Participating at a 10 to 90% in favour of the Artists.

Such funds are otherwise colloquially referred to as “donations”, which will be shared between The OFF Website Team and all Artists participating in the Online Fringe Festival who have active shows available to stream during the redistribution periods (done on a weekly basis).

The OFF website will gather such funds through the website PayPal (www.paypal.com or www.paypal.co.uk) for the time being. Please be sure to visit PayPal’s website for their own guidelines, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

The PayPal account linked to the OFF Website’s funding facility will be that of Vibes Art Studios LTD who manage the funds of the Online Fringe Festival (hereby referred to as the “PayPal Account” or the “Account”).

The OFF Website Team is entitled to no more than 10% of the funds gathered in the specified PayPal Account for website building and maintenance costs, as well as marketing and other personal and professional costs. 

The funds gathered in the PayPal Account will be redistributed as follows:

One week from the starting date of the festival, as well as on every subsequent 7 day period following that date, The OFF Website Team will provide all the Artists involved in the Online Fringe Festival during the specified week, with a statement of the week passed, clearly showing the amount of funds raised, as well as all of the transactions which have taken place during that period.

This is to provide clarity and transparency regarding the funds raised during the specified period and to remove any ambiguity regarding how the funds are stored and treated.

The abovementioned statement will be provided in a digital form, either in PDF format if possible, or in the best possible way that clearly shows any and all incoming or outgoing funds in the PayPal Account.

Following the PayPal Statement, The OFF Website Team will then provide a daily breakdown of funds gathered during that week, and will break it down as demonstrated below:

  • Firstly, PayPal will collect a fee for each transaction received by the OFF Website. To our best knowledge, as of 19th March, the PayPal website states a 2.9% + fixed fee of 0.30p per every transaction made. This may be subject to change via PayPal’s website and should there be any additional fees, we will be sure to let you know. We also understand that PayPal may not collect these fees if audience members donate using their own PayPal Account
  • 90% of the funds received, minus the aforementioned PayPal fee, will be equally distributed to each show available to stream that day between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59.
  • The remaining 10% will be kept by Aydan Wilder and Vibes Art for the running of the OFF website and Festival. 

The above weekly system has been created for the following reasons:

  • To make sure that the website has continuous content but at the same time is not oversaturated by a huge number of shows. By limiting shows to 9 a week, this means that any received funds are not spread out too thinly.
  • This does not mean that there will be 9 shows on at any given time, as different Artists may not wish to have their show run for a full week and The OFF Website Team will do their best to spread out the shows as evenly as possible.
  • To ensure that each show receives funds through the website, regardless of how many days it is being streamed for.
  • It is a technical impossibility given the small team behind the OFF website to track exactly how many times each show has been viewed in respect to other shows, and which show funds originate from; therefore, making it impossible to allocate funds based on who funded which show. By spreading funds out on a daily basis, we remove the risk of audiences watching several shows but funding only one Show/Artist, thereby creating an egalitarian system of funds redistribution.

All Terms and Conditions agreed upon here have been agreed between the OFF Website Team and each participating artist in the Online Fringe Festival. Thank you for your time.