Welcome to Online Fringe Festival

Welcome to the first-of-its-kind Online Fringe Theatre Festival! We are delighted to have gathered some of the finest theatre shows across the UK, available to stream for your entertainment!

Here you will find a range of professionally-filmed productions, from one-woman musicals to operas, dramas and even stand-up comedy!

Founded by Aydan Wilder (theatre director and filmmaker) and Vibes Art Studios, this website was launched to help new and emerging theatre artists reach new audiences during these difficult times.

Since the UK was hit by COVID-19, many theatres and festivals have had to close their doors, including sadly the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and this initiative was thought-up to bring Theatre directly to your home and to support our out-of-work artists who unfortunately no longer have the chance to perform their work.

All the shows are available to stream for FREE and will be launching gradually over the course of the coming weeks, with new shows being added every day.

We strongly ENCOURAGE you the Fund our Festival and all of our participating artists. We keep only 10% of any funds raised and the remaining 90% are split between our artists. Please donate what you can to our website and each artist, and spread the word by telling your friends, your enemies, your family through any and all Social Media Channels so that more people can support our wonderful artists’ work.

Our entire goal is to bring you good, thoughtful entertainment, and give our artists a voice and a stage, so please sit back, relax and enjoy the shows!

Special Thanks to Theatrical Niche and Susan Hingley + Honey-Tongued Theatre Productions for additional website content on our homepage, namely the “About OFF” and “Join the Festival!” Calls to Action.

Ali Wright Photography for Theatrical Niche, show still from “Uncle Vanya”.

Ikin Yum Photogrpahyh for Susan Hingley + Honey-Tongued Theatre Productions, show still from “Baaba’s Footsteps”.

The website was founded in 2020 by Aydan Wilder and Vibes Art, with designs by Diana Maria Prelipcean.