Online Fringe Festival Last Week

Hello everyone. We are (slightly) sad to announce the end of our weekly programme events, at the end of this week. We have had the amazing honour to stream over 40 exciting, brilliant and entertaining shows directly to your homes, coming from artists who are truly passionate about telling a story in their own unique way. This Online Festival has been an absolute blast and it’s been our pleasure to bring you Fringe performers and shows from across the world.

However, fear not! We will be back, and until then, we will be hosting some of our favourites indefinitely on our website, for your viewing pleasure! Just go to “Watch Our Shows” after the 31st May and experience the magic of the Forever Fringe.

We would like to thank all our amazing audience members who watched and shared our shows, as well as all the amazing people who donated. 90% of all donations have gone (or will go very soon) to the artists, and we’ve really enjoyed being a part of this journey.

Thank you! And Enjoy the Show(s)!

With Love,

– Aydan, Marco, Andrea and Diana (the OFF Team)

Please Support the Festival

We have the privilege to have gathered some amazingly talented Artists whose work is now streaming for free on our Website. A lot of shows have been hit by the COVID19 outbreak leaving the artists out of work. Please consider Funding our Website - 90% of Funds go to the Artists and 10% is kept to run the OFF website. Thank you and enjoy the shows!